Friday, August 24, 2018

What is L.E.T.?

Lymphatic enhancement therapy (L.E.T.) is designed to detoxify the soft tissue, bolster immune system function by accelerating lymphatic flow, and reduce stress in the body.  It helps reduce swelling and congestion in the tissues, which is often a contributing factor to long term discomfort. The results are cumulative, and a series of sessions is the most effective way to achieve the best results.  

The treatments are done in a massage setting, but this is not a massage.  You will need to disrobe, but are covered during the session. There is delicate manual work that targets specific lymphatic structures, but most of the session is done by a very gentle modality using a Arcturus Star device.  This device uses different types of vibrational energy that are recognized by the body to encourage healing. The machine works in two ways:
* Electrostatic Current - A safe, highly regulated electrostatic field.  This is an electric current at extremely low amperage.  This current activates the parasympathetic nervous system (turns off "fight or flight" response) and puts the body into a deeply relaxed state, allowing lymph vessels to relax and dilate. This current also ionizes the tissue, which causes waste that is collected and sitting in the soft tissue to break apart and move into the lymph system to be flushed out of the body. 
* Sound WavesFrequencies (between 0 and 1,000 hz), as well as their harmonics are also emitted from device.  These sound waves oscillate through the whole spectrum of frequencies and harmonics to resonate in the body with specific organs and tissues, helping to restore them to a balanced state.   These sound waves also have a mechanical effect on the waste in the tissue, causing it to break it up.

Be well hydrated before and after your visit. In order to be properly hydrated for a session you should drink, AT MINIMUM, half of your weight in ounces of water the day prior to the therapy, and continue to do so the day of and after therapy. No lotion or cream on the skin, or deodorant.  Eating a light meal is ok beforehand, but not a large one.
The treatment itself feels very gentle and delicate, however, the work encourages detoxification of tissue that may have many years of waste and toxins built up.  Most people will feel a little current and some fluid movement in the neck. Possible sensations could include post nasal drainage, mild nausea, slight headache, slight dizziness, feeling tired, and others.

A few conditions L.E.T. will help:
Cold / Flu
Nasal and Sinus Congestion
Under eye puffiness
Swollen Lymph nodes in neck
Swelling at the clavicle area
Breast Tenderness / Swelling / infection
Joint stiffness
Digestive Issues
Reproductive Issues (fibroids, cysts, scars)
Orthopedic Problems

As long as there are no contraindications, anyone can be helped with L.E.T..  However, peoples' sensitivity levels need to be considered, and are assessed early on. Talk to a L.E.T. practitioner for further details on this therapy.

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