Monday, March 28, 2016

Pilates & Running

One of our favorite clients, Donnie Cowart, is a runner training for the Olympics.  Here is what he said about Pilates and how it has helped him be a better competitive runner:

This winter marks my 17th year as a competitive runner. Heading into the Olympic year with hopeful expectations. I have always used running to challenge myself and push my limits. Year after year I learn new lessons or sometimes I relearn old lessons. One lesson I am often reminded of, and I think every runner can relate, is I need to stay balanced. All my running often leaves me off balanced and weak in certain areas. After listening to people say for years that some NFL players take ballet I decided to broaden my horizons and I went to a Pilates class. Basically I wanted to challenge myself in different ways and just see how my body would respond. After one class I was hooked. In just a short time I had better posture, I was breathing better, my glutes and hips were better balanced. Pilates has proven to challenge me week after week and year after year. From one on one classes with Tiffany to Jump classes with Hope. I have gained better range of motion, better power and explosiveness. I am a faster runner when I’m balanced and more importantly I’m a healthy runner when I’m balanced. Pilates has given me all the tools to stay a balanced healthy athlete. I’m glad I started pilates when I did.

Congratulations to Donnie on his recent gold medal win in the Pan-American XC 10k!  Donnie won with a time of 31:07!  We are so proud of you!  

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