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Why Pilates? Why Polestar Pilates?

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Why Pilates? Why Polestar Pilates? 9 Inspiring Examples

by Polestar Pilates
I'm often asked how I ended up where I many others in the fitness world, I've had personal injuries that have led my interest in specific trainings to find healing. On my path, I was l led to Polestar Pilates. I was drawn to them because of their mission to create life changing movement experiences. Polestar Pilates' philosophy has been an integral part of my work for several years. - Amy Dixon PMA-CPT
God made us so marvelously complex and yet so simple at the same time!  Moving the body as it was designed brings strength and healing.
Positive movement experiences are always the mission!  We focus on how the body moves and functions to be in the best shape in order to live life to your fullest potential. Helping you find your inner strength is truly our goal. I've been so blessed to be a part of many others journey on their path to wellness.  Over the past 23 years I have seen clients overcome various obstacles.
Here are 9 inspiring examples of client success with Pilates:
  • Clients that have been able to reduce or eliminate medications
  • Pro athletes adding Pilates to balance out their training programs
  • Chronic pain clients that are so fearful to move when they begin, then realizing freedom of movement when function is restored
  • Post operative and post rehab clients that learn how Pilates can bridge the gap to wellness during recovery
  • An 87 year old great-great grandmother who is as spunky today as she was 17 years ago when we began working together
  • Spinal cord injury client that has gained range of motion
  • Clients that have seen an increase in bone density to the effect that they've been removed from the label of osteoporosis
  • Clients with MS that have been able to maintain independence and movement even through flares of their condition
  • Clients suffered from strokes using Pilates for functional rehabilitation
Pilates changes lives. To some it is simply another form of exercise to add variety to ones routine, to others it is a groundbreaking revelation that blows their mind!
What client successes can you add to the list? Share in the comment section!
Amy Dixon is a Polestar Pilates educator in Winston Salem North Carolina. Discover her studio Inner Strength Pilates here.
Become a Pilates instructor with Amy Dixon and Polestar Pilates!

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