Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Confessions of a Pilates Instructor

We work out everyday.  FALSE

We only eat healthy food.  FALSE

We can do all the exercises we teach, and we have perfect form.  FALSE

We only wear workout clothes.  SOMETIMES TRUE

I think we have the goal of working out frequently during the week, but life happens... sickness, kids, family, vacation, holidays.  We have different seasons of life and different seasons of exercise.
From our instructors:
"I never exercise on vacations, but generally do workout a little each day."
"I struggle with consistency in my own workouts."
"I try and workout 4 times a week."

Not all Pilates instructors are health food addicts.  We have to reward ourselves sometimes.
From our instructors:
"I love sweets!"
"I like to know where my food comes from, however, on occasion, I do love a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A."
"I love chocolate. A lot!"
"I put a lot of sugar in my coffee, and I love baked goods."

Like our clients, we are always learning and trying to better ourselves.  We would love to be able to do all the exercises perfect every time, but honestly, there are some very challenging Pilates exercises.  We, too, have to practice these exercises.
From our instructors:
"I can do exercises with modifications sometimes."
"Sometimes I can only do one really good teaser."
"Perfect every time... Heavens No!"

We do like wearing workout clothes.  Aren't they more comfortable?
From our instructors:
"I wear 'normal' clothes 2 days a week."
"I own one pair of jeans.  Everything else is athletic wear."
"I have more athletic pants hanging in my closet than any other kind of pants."

So, there's a little bit of honesty from us.  We have goals of being healthy but life tends to get in the way sometimes... even for Pilates instructors.  We break the rules and allow ourselves to have a chocolate cookie.  It's all about finding balance in your life... A little good and a little bad.

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