Thursday, May 12, 2016

Oh the Pilates Chair!

When we ask clients what their favorite piece of Pilates equipment is, the response is rarely the Pilates chair.  It is a very challenging piece of equipment and can be a little scary with some exercises. 

The original chair, or "Wunda Chair" was designed by Joseph Pilates to be used at home in a small NY city apartment.  Early designs even converted from a Pilates chair in to a chair that someone could sit in.  Over the years modifications to the original chair have been made... increase chair's height to meet the height of the cadillac, adding the number and resistance of springs, splitting the pedals to make 2 pedals instead of the 1 pedal on the original chair, and adding resistance bands hooked on to the chair.

Unlike on the reformer and cadillac, exercises on the chair are done sitting or standing which make for an athletic kind of exercise.  There are many beginner and intermediate exercises that can be done on the chair, but there are numerous advanced exercises that require a lot of body stability.  The Pilates client that wants a challenging workout on the chair will need to have a strong core, good upper body and leg strength, and scapular and pelvic stability.  An exercise series on the chair is good for not only the regular Pilates client, but also runners, bikers, skiers, and basketball, football and soccer players.  Many of the exercises involve explosive movements while maintaining stability. 

Try the chair... you may love it!

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