Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy New Year!!

One of our instructors posted the following on her Facebook page. 

In light of the New Year, I've had some thoughts on my mind I wanted to share. I do believe in new beginnings, fresh starts. I do however get troubled by what I hear and see at the start of a new year. Being in the business I'm in, I feel like I should tell you my feelings on being "healthy".
As many of you know, I have lost both of my parents. My Father died from Alzheimer's and my Mother died from Dementia, kidney disease and heart disease. They were 68 and 71. Frankly, I got scared. I started to imagine what I wanted the rest of my life to look like, but based my my family history it didn't look to promising. At the time of my Mom's passing my husband Troy was on medication for high blood pressure and he pretty much felt like crap. I had also had a bout with high blood pressure myself brought on by anxiety. Things had to change.
I started practicing yoga. Life changing at the time. Not only did it teach me about the importance of meditation, I heard something that I will never forget. HONOR YOUR BODY. I now had a new perspective and one that needed to be shared.
How does one "HONOR THEIR BODY"?

Nourishing your mind, body and spirit. So, I decided to start teaching Pilates again. I started learning about disease prevention through whole foods. That's when I was introduced to Juice Plus. Life changing for me as well. The power of fruits and vegetables. Simple and it made sense for my family.
Food is powerful. Food is beautiful. Food is healing.
We as a society are so hyper focused on our outsides, that we forget about our insides! Especially this time of year. What if we made changes for our bones, joints, muscles, organs, our minds and our spirits.
My word for 2016 is NOURISHMENT. I will nourish my body with food, ALL KINDS, but especially with more fruits and veggies. I will nourish my mind through learning, cooking, and meditation. And I will nourish my spirit by trusting God's plan for me and by using the power of prayer to lift others up.
I have been so blessed in my life. I have an amazing family, I have wonderful friends and most of all I am a child of God. May God bless you in 2016 and may you find nourishment. xoxo

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